California R-1 Elementary School

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Mrs. Goans


My name is Christiane Goans and I am the School Counselor for our California Elementary students in grades 3-5. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Education Degree from the University of Central Missouri and completed the requirements for certification in elementary education, intellectual disabilities, and behavioral disorders. After earning my Bachelor’s Degree I taught students needing special education services in Versailles, Missouri for two years.  Then I was hired at California Elementary and enjoyed the next six years teaching third graders.  During my years of teaching third grade, I enrolled as a part time student at the University of Missouri to pursue a Master of Education Degree in educational, school and counseling psychology with an emphasis and certification in school counseling. 


I've completed 22 years in the field of education and all but two of those years have been at California Elementary.  This is my 15th year serving our district as a school counselor in the elementary grades. 


Just like the classroom teachers, the counselors have grade level expectations (GLE’s) that we need to ensure the students master.  These concepts are primary taught during our Skills for Growing classes that take place once a month.  We focus on Career Development (importance of working toward a career in an area of interest that uses your strengths), Academic Development (how to be the best student you can be in school), Personal Development (making safe and healthy choices), and Social Development (getting along with others).  In addition to the monthly Skills for Growing classes, I work with students individually as well as in small groups.  I also work collaboratively with teachers and parents when situations arise with their student/child. 


I love interacting with our students and feel developing a strong relationship with them is extremely important.  This connection makes it easier for them to share with me the successes or concerns they are experiencing.  I love my career because my days are never the same and they are always full of hugs, high-fives, and sweet smiles from the students.


If you have any questions please contact me by email or phone anytime.